Tinsel Tutorial

Hanging up the tinsel and the decorations is always
a great part of Christmas.
Here we show you how to make the Tinsel and the Baubles
for your tags and graphics.
Open up your PSP
New canvas 500 x 500 transparent.
Click on your materials pallet and choose a gradient
for the background fill and a slightly lighter colour
for the foreground
Now click on your Paintbrush.
In the presets you have one called Spikey, choose that
Here are my settings
now you need to draw your tinsel drapes
Save this as a psp image so that you have it saved in
case PSP crashed on you (like it does!!) also
for future decorations you may want to put on it.
Now we will make the baubles.
Open a new canvas 50 x 50
Go to Effects/ Artistic Effects/Balls & Bubbles
which I think is only available in PSP8
Choose the Christmas ornament from the presets
To change the colour of the ornament click on surfaces
and Material and change that colour if you want a different one.
Also you may want to click on illumination too and change the
Light setting colours.
Have a play!!!
Ok you got your bauble.
Copy and paste as a new layer on your tinsel canvas.
Using your mover tool place it where you want it.
Now go to our tubes /Christmas and get a Bauble topper
which you will need to resize down to fit the top
of your new bauble.
Make as many baubles as you want.
Click on your paintbrush and choose a round
size 1 in a dark grey colour and draw the thread.
Add any other bits on you want at this satge before
you merge layers and save.
Tutorial By Annie©

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