Banner Tutorial

Open up your PSP
Make a new Canvas
400 x 100
This makes a medium size banner
Flood fill with the colour of your choice
Go to Text Tool and choose the font you want
and the size that will be right for your Text.
Add any text you want on the banner
Also if you want an image on do that now.
Go to Image / Add border
Make sure you use a different colour to your flood fill
Size 8 symmetric

Go to your magic wand and click in the border
then go to your flood fill tool and fill with either
a nice gradient or a pattern.
Whilst the ants are still crawling go to Effects/3-D Effects
Outer Bevel - see below for settings
Add any extra tubes or corners you want and your ©
Save your work.
All done.

Tutorial by Annie©
Page & graphics by Annie©

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