Floatie Tutorial

Floaties are great and make super tags.
Here is an easy way to make them.
Right click on this floatie and save to your PC
then open it up in Animation Shop
If they are too big just resize to 50%
Now in PSP make a new canvas big enough for your
name or text you want.
Ensure that on the materials pallet the background is null
and on your text set the stroke to 3, see below.
Text size as big as you want it.
Whilst the ants are still moving go to effects/Inner bevel
and choose a bevel to make your text more rounded.
Once that is done right click and copy and paste in
Animation Shop.
Whilst in animation shop, look at how many frames
you floatie has
Mine had 7
So go to your text and duplicate it to the same number of frames.
Now go to the floatie. Edit/Select All right click and copy.
Go into PSP and paste as multiple images
Now back to AS and on your text frames click on Frame 1
and export to PSP.
Click on magic wand and hold down your shift key on your keyboard
and click in all the inside spaces of the text.
Now click on flood fill tool
Go to materials pallet, foreground/ pattern and you will see all
the frames of the floaties. Start with the first number and remember
what you used last. See my first number is 5
now flood fill your text with one click as you have already selected
with your wand.
Once thats done return your text back to AS by clicking on the
cross in the corner (close option)
It will say'Save changes to.... you click No
then it says would you like to update to AS and you click YES.
Back in AS click on frame 2 and export
doing the same thing and filling with next floatie image
remember to ignore the first one that will say current and use
the next number after the first you used.
In mine I first used Image 5 then my second frame I filled with
Image 6
Do this same process until you have filled all your frames.
It really is a quick process once you get used to it and should
only take 5 or 10 mins to make a floatie siggi.
Now you can test it in AS on the tester.
Save as a gif
Or you can add a white or coloured background in AS
if you want too before you save it.
Hope you enjoyed this tut.
Tutorial By Annie

Do not copy or use in another group.

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