Gradient Tutorial

Have you ever been in the situation where you needed
a special gradient and you just do not have it
or cannot find one? Well now you can make your very
own and they will be unique to you.
Its so easy you will laugh.. and I love a good laugh.
Open up your PSP and click on your colour pallet
on Gradients then click on edit...see below
A box will come up which is the Gradient Editor
This is where we get creative.....
See those ink bottles? Well we can move them
and change colours with them. We can even add bottles by
just clicking underneath to give a more depth of gradient
Everytime you click on a bottle you can change its colour by
clicking on the colour box see below
So now its up to you to make whatever colours in that
gradient you want. Tones and blending as you wish.
Pushing the bottles from side to side. Slide them to
where you want them
Happy with it?
Now to save that gradient for future use
Yes!! you get to name your own gradient!!
Click on NEW
In the next box name your gradient then click OK
Wanna see if its in your list??? just click on Gradients
and the drop down menu and there it is!!!
Easy wasnt it? and such a valuable thing in PSP to be
able to create. Makes your work unique.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you did
why not tell others about the group.
Any questions just ask at the help desk.

This tutorial was written by
It must not be copied or used elsewhere without
my permission.
You may print off the tutorial for your own use.
Copyright 2007©

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