Lesson 13 - Ribbons & Bows

Lets Make Ribbons & Bows
New canvas 500 x 500
Set your colours to gradients
Click on your draw tool

This takes time to get used to doing
you need to draw your bow making sure you join up the loops
see below..practice helps so dont worry if you do this 10 times
before you get it how you want.As you let go your colours will show.
If its okay convert to Raster Layer. Copy it and paste
as new layer. Go to Image/Mirror and move it with the
mover tool.
Again paste as new layer. Click on deforem tool and
rotate the bow until its angled. move into place
copy it and paste as new layer and Image/Mirror.
Then paste as new layer again then go to Image/Flip and move
into place. Do that again and do Image/Flip/Mirror.
move them all into place.
See mine below.
This is how it should look

We need to merge those layers visible.
New Layer. Draw Tool again and draw the lower ribbons
taking care to join up. Copy it and paste then Image Mirror
and use mover tool to push into place.
Then on layer pallet push that layer under the bow.Merge visible.

Designs are endless and the more you do the better you will get.
If you want ribbon strands just do the same with the draw tool
scrolling down and then back up again crossing over

Hope you enjoyed making Ribbons & Bows

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