Lesson 12 - Deform Tool

You will in some tutorials be asked to use the
'Deform Tool'
It allows you to mess around with an image via the
vector nodes.
This tutorial will give you an idea of what its about.
Well look at the banner above....we are going to do that!!
Open up your PSP
New Canvas 500 x 500
Click on Text Tool and choose a nice thick text
I used Arial Black Size 30 but you can use whatever
you like!! its your creation!!!
Type out your name in CAPITAL LETTERS'
Go to selection select none.( No ants moving)
Now click on your deform tool and you will get the
box around the text with the little red squares (nodes)
see below
Holding down the control key on your keyboard push the bottom
left node upwards and you will see the text go smaller at that end.
See below

you can now either leave it as it is or hold down the control key
and drag upwards the top right hand node to make the end
letter bigger wich gives it a more far away look like the
banner on this page.
Thats it!!!
Another simple yet effective tool.
You can add a drop shadow and a tube
and a background, or do as you wish with it.
Layers Merge /Merge all flatten and save as JPEG

As you can see, by now you are getting a good
knowledge of just what all those wonderful PSP Tools
can do!!!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
If you have any questions please ask at the Help Desk

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Tutorial By Annie©

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