Lesson 13 - Text On A Wavey Line

Sometimes its nice to be able to
follow a wavey path with your text and here in this
tutorial you will learn to use your Pen Tool to do this.
Open up your PSP
New Canvas 500 x 500
Click on your Pen Tool
Here are the settings
Ensure your background colour is set to null
now on the canvas draw a wavy line
or if you have an image you want to follow
along a path then draw on that
You will see the vector box appear
Click on your Text Tool and hover your cursor
over the wavey line at the beginning and when you see
the hover mark (see tutorial on text on a curve)
click your text tool on the line and type what you want on the line
Size will depend on the length of line and words. So keep
your text highlighted and alter as required. Sometimes you
have to do the 'undo' a few times to get it just right.
Add your drop shadow
Now on your layer pallet right click on where it
sayes VECTOR and delete that layer, to get rid of the
wavey line and just leave the text.
Go to layers merge /Merge visible.
I added some flowers to my banner and to get them at
an angle I used the deform tool. and see below
where it points to the red node inside the box? well
if you push that, it angles whatever you want.
Ensure you are working on a new Raster Layer with your image
so that the text does not move.
Save on a solid background or go to Layers Merge/Flatten.
Crop around your image and save.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you have
any questions please ask at our Help Desk
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Tutorial By Annie©

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