Lesson 14 - Denim Text

I know you think that looks easy and you are thinking
huh, tis only filled text!! but we don't like it too easy
so we are going to have you make not only
the Denim background yourself but the button too!!!
So get a cup of coffee and some nibbles and settle down
for some creating fun!!!
You will ooooh and ahhh and what you can create!!
Open up a new canvas 200 x 200 transparent.
Go to preset tool and choose the Button 024
Drag out the circle
Right click on your vector layer and convert
to raster Layer
Go to Effects/ Texture Effects/Sculpture
you want the silver pattern setting unless you prefer a gold button
in which case choose gold in the pattern section.

Layer New Raster Layer
now we need to add the holes so click on your
paintbrush tool and use my settings and colour black
Do 4 holes as a button has.
Go to effects/3-D Effects/Inner bevel
use my setting below
See different bevel I have used.
Layers merge / Merge visible and set aside till later but
save your button as a psp file just in case your PSP crashes!!
It happens to us all sometimes. You spend hours creating
something only for PSP to ruin it all by closing down.
Save often if you make things.
New Canvas 400 x 400
flood fill with blue colour #495983
Go to Effects/Plugins/EyeCandy4000/Weave
and use my settings below
Magic isnt it. see I bet you went 'ooohhh I got Denim effect' lol
Ok well I did when I first did it hahaha
save your denim if you wish as JPEG for future use.
Now we have the Denim it will show in your colour materials
pallet in the Patterns section.So find that now in the
Background Fill box and leave the foreground set to null
New Canvas 500 x 500 transparent
Text Tool
I used Broadway Font but as long as you use a large bold
font it does not matter. Size 72 or larger if you wish.
Type your name out
Layer New Raster Layer
set the fill to null and the foreground to Brown #A0735A
Set your Line Style to Diamond
Stroke to size 2
Once you are happy with its placing go to Layers/Merge Visible.
If you need to move it use the mover tool before merging.
Back to your button. We need to resize it to about 35% or maybe
smaller depending on how large you made it.
copy and paste as a new layer and place in your Text
How many buttons you have on your name is up to you!!!
but paste each one as a new layer so you can move them about.
Layers merge Merge visible.
Its done!!!
well almost....
If you just want it like that then you can add a drop shadow
and save on a solid background as a JPEG
or you can save as transparent background (no drop shadow)
and save as a Animation Shop.
Now that denim you made.....
It can be shaded lighter or darker and here is how to do it.
Go to Adjust/Brightness Contrast

See the box below for settings
the brightness can be altered by increasing the number
or decreasing to darken.
Clever eh
This means you can make different types of tags with your
denim tile.
I used mine and added a picture frame
called Sketch 01
I added a preset shape Pentagon on a new layer
widened it and added a drop shadow then erased the
lines I did not want leaving it looking like a pocket.
I added my button and my name and here it is!!!
Hope you enjoyed the tuorial
If so tell your friends!!
Please do not copy this tutorial or use in another

Graphics By Annie©
Tutorial By Annie©

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