Lesson 3 - Text On An Arch

In this tutorial we will show you how easy
it is to get the 'Arched Text Look'
Open up your PSP
New Canvas
400 x 400
Go to your Preset Shapes Tool
You should be able to see now the window
with the different shapes in, so click on the little
down arrow to open it and click on Ellipse
See below for the settings
On your canvas drag out an oval shape like below
Select the colour you want for your text
Now click on your Text Tool
and hover over that black line until you
see the )below the A and click
see below

now type what you want and it will type on the curve
if its not doing that then go back and hover again
Once you get the hang of it you will be okay.

While the ants are moving go to Effects/3DEffects
drop Shadow see my settings

Remember that you cannot add a drop shadow unless
you are using a coloured background.
You cannot save a drop shadow on a transparent
Go to Selections/Select None.
We now need to delete that black line.
Go to your layer pallet
if you cant see it then go to View/Pallets/click on Layers
click on the VECTOR layer
Right click on your mouse then click DELETE
Another box will come up and click YES

Go to Layers /Layers Merge/Merge Visible.
Your arched text is now ready for you to add to your tag
If you want to add text under. click on the vector layer on the
pallet before deleting it and then go to Image/Flip
and then do text on the inner rim
Remember to crop around your tag before you save it.
Tutorial Written By Annie©

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