Lesson 4 - Tube Tool

All about Tubes
You will notice that 'Tubes' are used quite a lot
in PSP.
The reason for this is two things
The first being they are always on a transparent background
and second they can be easily adjusted on size.
Its important that you familiarize yourself with the concept
of using Tubes before you venture into the wonderful
world of 'Tube land' !!
With every version of PSP is given free tubes to play with.
Not always a great selection but enough for this tutorial.
Remember to add the © on your tag with it
either ©CorelTubes or ©JascTubes
Open up a new canvas 300 x 300
Go to Text Tool and Type your name
then add a drop shadow as you did in the other lesson.
Go to Layers / New Raster Layer
click OK
Click on your Picture Tube Tool
Now you should be able to see in your top toolbar
the window which has the drop down arrow see below

Have a look at the tubes you have available and find
one that you like click on it
Now on this you can adjust the size
Adjust the size(scale) to whatever you want.
100 being the max and 10 being the min.
Click on your canvas and it adds the image
Not right? just click the 'undo' and re do it

When you have added your tube you can add a drop
shadow if you wish.
Then go to layers/Merge/Merge all Flatten
This adds the solid background to it.
Crop as required around your name and tubes
and add a border if you wish to your tag as we
did in the other tutorial.
This tutorial has now given you that first intro to tubes
and you will be wanting to add to your collection.
There are many tube places out on the net, but it is
very important you are careful what you use because of
copyright theft.

Tutorial By Annie©
Permission to link to my Tutorials must be requested.

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