Lesson 5 - Belt Tutorial

Going to be using EyeCandy4000
and you will be using tools that
you have already used before like layers and
presets. We will also use a new 'Effect' in this
tutorial and what you can do with it.
You will notice I have added some screen shots
but not all as you should by now be familiar with most settings.
New canvas 500 x 500 transparent.
set your colours to
Background/Fill Brown
Foreground/Stroke - Null
Preset shapes / Rectangle
Drag out a strap to the length you want
Now go to Effects /Texture Effects/Fine Leather

Here are the settings
Now to Effects/plugins/EyeCandy
Bevel Boss
Layer / New raster Layer
Preset shapes choose Pentagon this is for the belt end
Same settings as above and when its done click on the
deform tool and turn the pentagon until it sits nicely
on the belt strap like mine
Now we need to make the studs and buckle.
Buckle first.
Layer /New raster Layer
Preset shapes
click on the border shape and ensure your fill colour
is a lighter brown
Drag the shape downwards like a buckle
over the strap.Up against the pentagon.
Go to Effects / Sculpture / Gold
Then to Effects /3-D Effects / Innner bevel.
It should look like mine avove.
Layer/New Raster Layer
Preset Shapes / Ellipse
Ensure the Retain Style box is unchecked.
Set the width to 4
and drag out a small circle for the belt hole
again the same settings as the buckle
then click on paint brush 'round' and colour black
and add a dot of black in the middle to make it
look like a hole. About size 7 or 8 should be okay.
Copy and paste as new layer a couple of times and use
the mover tool to put them in place along the belt.
Layer New Raster Layer
Preset Shapes / Rectangle
Drag out a line keeping it together to make the
link. Same settings as buckle
See below
Go to Layers / Merge/Visible.
Thats your belt finished.
Remember you can colourise it too to make different
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Any questions please ask at our help desk
You may link to this tutorial but do not copy
in any way or use in other groups without my permission.

Tutorial By Annie©

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