Lesson 5 - Framing A Picture

In this tutorial we will learn how to add a nice frame
to a picture.
Open up your PSP Program
I am sure you have taken pictures and have them stored
on your PC so go and find the image you want to use

Once you open that picture in PSP it will be large so
you need to resize it.
Go to Image./Resize
The next box comes up allowing you to resize that to whatever
you want. Try 25%
Its a matter of re-doing this until you get the picture to the right
size that you want. Then click OK
Now it's the right size go to Image/Picture Frame
this opens up a box where you can select any frame thats available
to you in the program
Click on the little drop down arrow

You will then see your selection and choose a frame you like

Your frame is now added.
Go to Layers Merge/Merge All(Flatten)
Now you need to add your text so go to Text Tool
and choose your font and size and add your Text.
Also add your copyright information.This can be placed anywhere
on your image.

You are now finished.Go to File/Save As and save as JPEG
I added some fancy corners to mine and in
another tutorial I will show you how to make these yourself.
They look very effective and finish off a plain frame nicely.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

Tutorial Written By Annie©

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