Lesson 6 - Learning Layers

In this tutorial we will be working with layers
Many PSP tutorials work in layers and its important
to learn about this early on. Once you are comfortable
working with layers, you will see how important they are.
Open up your PSP
New canvas 500 x 500
You need to be sure now that you can see your Layer
Pallet. See below. I have mine dragged under the materials
If you cannot see it , go to View/Pallets/Layers
see below
Now you have that visible, go to Layers/New Raster Layer
as we continue in the tutorial you will see these add up
on your layer pallet.
Go to your Preset Tool and choose your heart preset
if you do not have one ask on the help desk
and add to your preset shapes folder in your Jasc/Corel
Once its there be sure that your Foreground colour is set to
Gold Gradient and the background is set to null
make the size settings as below
ensure the retain style is UNCHECKED
Now drag out a small heart on the canvas.
Go to selections/Select None
Go to Effects/3-D Effects/Inner bevel
copy my settings then click OK
Layers / New Raster Layer
Click on the Text Tool.
Ensure stroke width is set to 0.0
I used Comic Sans Text size 48
Type the letter I then go to Selections / Select None(deselect)
Effects/3D Effects and do the inner bevel again
Click on Mover Tool and move the I next to the heart
Thats where layers come into their own. You can move stuff
just where you want it.
Now go to Layer/New Raster Layer
(you can name these layers if you wish)
Now Type the letter P and then deselect
Again place it to the side under the I
add the inner bevel
Layer new Raster Layer and add the letter S and inner bevel
Layer New Raster Layer and add the letter P and inner bevel
move them all around until they are next to each other.
You can see mine on the banner above.
You will now have lots of layers showing
If you hover your mouse over each layer you can see what is on that layer.
Now go to Layers/Merge Visible
Go to preset shape and click on Ring preset.
see settings below
Drag out a link for the top of your tag over the I
Do the inner bevel and deselect
Layers merge Merge visible
We are going to make it look more gold now
Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Sculpture
Find the gold pattern and use my settings (see the black arrow?
this is showing that you should click to lock the proof window
and the one next to it.)
Copy my settings below
Ok, now we are going to add your name.
Layer New Raster Layer
Choose a nice script font. Have a look what you have.
If you want something different you need to learn about
downloading fonts HERE Beware that font downloading
is addictive and you may get lost in 'Font land'
I used size 48 and choose a colour you like
in the background fill material pallet. (bottom box)
Now type your name and deselect.
Add an Inner bevel - same setting as before.
Go to mover tool and move the name over the gold heart and letters
Layers Merge/Merge visible.
Layer New Raster Layer
Click on preset tool again and choose the ring
ensure your Forground is set to gold and background null again
 drag out a small ring which will be the link from name to gold tag.
Do an inner bevel on it, then effects/Texture/Sculpture and gold again
and with mover tool place it on a part of the text linking both text
and gold tag together. Now click on eraser tool

Go to the gold link over the text and erase some of the gold
link away over the text to make it look like its threaded through
see below

Go to Layers/ Merge Visible.
If you want to save it as transparent do not add a drop shadow
take it into Animation Shop and save as a gif.
otherwise go to Effects 3-D Effects and add a drop shadow
Thats it!!!
You now know all about layers.
Don't forget to crop around your tag or your image
will be too big.
If you have any questions please go to our Help Desk
where we will be happy to answer your questions as quickly
as time allows.
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
Tutorial Written By Annie©

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